Rationale of My Blog

I am an amateur investor (versus a professional one!). All of the shenanigans in the financial world over the last several years have frustrated me as well as many others. The causes and effects of the housing crash (crisis) and subsequent fixes, remedies, and repercussions have been many. Since I have been a corporate trainer and educator at both community colleges as well as universities, I decided to propose a non-credit course at one of our local community colleges. It would focus on the Great Recession. However, I haven’t heard from them yet as far as offering my course, and I just suddenly decided to blog about it. So here it goes, if you are interested, great. I’m just trying to understand what happened and thought that others might be interested in getting a better understanding of what happened to our financial system in the United States over the past several years. I’m not an economist or a financial professional by training. I’m hoping to “chunk” the information (as we say in the training industry) and help us all grasp what has happened. Perhaps a “cleaner window” will aid all of us to navigate the new economic environment. Barbara


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