Taste of Events in Great Recession crisis

As a teaser to my readers, here are some highlights of the Great Recession. For starters, the following are a very few events, situations or dilemmas that happened and may be still unfolding. These are for real. If one were to write a novel perhaps Steven King would be a great author of the book! Here it goes:

    • The collapse of Lehman Brothers
    • The bailout of AIG
    • The bailout of GM
    • The fire sale of Merrill Lynch
    • The manipulation of LIBOR rate

I will blog more details and offer links to detailed descriptions of these events or situations. This list is not complete by a long-shot. Enjoy the ride along with me. You may be inspired to do some research on your own about some of the issues.

July 19, 2016:  I have inserted several blog links since this article was first written (July 2015). Enjoy them at your leisure, it’s a lot to digest… but then again A LOT has happened hasn’t it!


One thought on “Taste of Events in Great Recession crisis

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