Timeline and Overview of Great Recession Crisis

Got your ticket? ‘cause here we go!

First I am giving you a timeline of the events in year 2008. This website offers many links about the Great Recession, at this point in time it was referred to as a meltdown by the PBS Frontline documentary series.  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meltdown/

There is a choice on the webpage called Timeline. Click on it to view the timeline of events during the year 2008. The timeline looks a bit like a ruler, just click on the “notch lines” on the timeline to advance along it. You’ll get the idea.

The other feature of the webpage containing the timeline is the commentary and analysis of different journalists,  Federal officials, and politicians. Rummage the site if you wish but I’ll be introducing many of the events and situations individually as we travel the road to the Great Recession.

Here’s a video from Frontline: The Warning


There was someone in the Federal Government who thought the U.S. financial system was threatened. She was ignored! To view the documentary, click on the video to the left of the “Go Go 90’s title.

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