A Side Trip from the Main Topic: Wanderlust

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Wanderer.”

In response to the Blogging assignment we have received, here it goes… when I was younger I had “wanderlust.” My car gave me this feeling. Maybe it was the freedom that owning a car gives one! Ha, that is the reason one feels wanderlust. My best friend lived for 10 years about 2-1/2 hours from me in Michigan. I would call her up and say I’m coming up for a visit, is that OK. Of course it usually was OK. What is it about driving along the highway? I did not have a convertible but one could still feel the wind blowing your hair.

I’m not one for “blasting” the radio, it’s just not a very courteous thing to do…but once in a while I would turn up the volume, it just felt so good. Unfortunately, my youth is far-removed at this time of my life but many of the trips in my car were pleasurable. That’s what part of life is about, doing pleasurable things with your friends.


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