Eye Crosser #13: The Reins Act

Did you watch the Republication debate on November 10? I did. I know that it is “early” in the race. I know that obviously candidates will drop out. BUT, I also know that issues and dilemmas are being discussed, debated, argued and “exposed.” There may be way too many Republication “presidential nomination hopefuls” running right now but because of their presence in the debates, issues or in this case potential legislation is brought to the “front of the line” in our awareness.

What am I talking about? In this case, Carly Fiorina mentioned the Reins Act. It caught my attention. Just what is the Reins Act? Here’s the “skinny” on the Reins Act.

Perhaps I should first state a caveat emptor because the links below refer to websites that are possibly supported by some type of PAC group. I won’t know who is behind the website but the opinion and information will help one to form some type of understanding about this proposed bill in Congress. I noticed that the bill was brought to the U.S. legislature by Rand Paul, senator from Kentucky, who is also running for President of the United States along with Carly Fiorina.






I could go on and on with links but you can do a search by yourself on this subject. From what I can understand of the purpose of this legislation, it would require that laws, regulations, or rules that are “generated” by non-legislative departments of the U.S. government be voted upon by the U.S. Congress for approval if the MONETARY effects of the proposed legislation are over $100 million dollars.



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