Signs of the Times #2: Front Porch Thieves

Have you heard about “porch pirates?” Have you been a victim of “porch pirates?” I recently watched the business news TV program Nightly Business Report on my local PBS station. Since people are shopping online and not personally shopping at a store, there is a problem with delivered purchases being stolen by “porch pirates.” To respond to this problem, dilemma, phenomenon, whatever you want to call it, there are new companies such as “Doorman” being started to help the purchaser actually get his/her purchases/paid for goods.

The link below is an ABC News story on the same delivery company.

This posting is NOT an advertisement for “Doorman” or any other delivery service. Amazon is offering delivery alternatives in some areas and UPS is trying to adapt with security measures for its customers.

I think it’s wonderful that entrepreneurs are turning a nasty unlawful behavior into a business plan but it’s another sad commentary on our society here in the United States.

My blog is focused on the economic life of the United States. I don’t think this posting is a diversion from my blog vision. In fact, I think the existence of such thieves spotlights once again the morality of our current society. What are these thieves doing with their bounty; probably selling it at a flea market or on the Internet.

There was a newspaper cartoon character called Pogo who said “we have met the enemy and it is us.” While the cartoon creator, Walt Kelly, was championing the movement toward a cleaner environment, I think another meaning could be interpreted from the Pogo quote that indeed we are our own worst enemies toward ourselves and our neighbors. I’m not going to go “all preachy” here but come-on folks what are we doing to each other?  Quote source:

Is this yet another example of the “new normal” of our economy?



5 thoughts on “Signs of the Times #2: Front Porch Thieves

  1. All crime is awful, but I have a special discontent for those who steal from others. It’s disgusting that people resort to acting in such a manner. Humanity has become less and less human the past few decades, even after all the world has gone through.


  2. I agree that porch pirates do not reflect well on the moral state of society or humanity in general, but I rather doubt if there has ever been a time when people didn’t make a habit of taking advantage of others when the opportunity presented itself.


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