Market Recap for week of January 8, 2016

Happy New Year! Or is it?

Is the U.S. stock market like the movie King Kong (circa 1933) or perhaps more like the movie Wall Street ? Is the gorilla the International marketplace and “the girl” Fay Wray the U.S. marketplace or maybe King Kong is Wall Street and Fay Wray is the American consumer; or how about “party time” as depicted in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street?

Any way you look at it, it has turned out to be a very scary week on Wall Street in the U.S. I guess the slowdown of China’s economy, being the second largest economy in the world after the United States, has caused much more chaos than anyone bargained for in our global economic universe.

Here are some links to help you “wrap your head” around just what’s happening “this time”!

Graph of 10 largest economies: World’s Largest Economies

Reuters: Wall Street has worst start to year ever

Wall Street JournalBad Week for U.S. stocks dims outlook

 New York TimesStock Market Ends Its Worst Week Since 2011

NBC News:  China Shares Turn Higher After Wild Start to 2016

Did the teeter totter flip both “riders” into the air at the same time? It would seem so. Here’s my reference to the U.S. market as a teeter totter:

The Stock Market as a Teeter Totter

P.S. Let’s be optimistic and say “Yes, it’s a Happy New Year.”

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