Signs of the Times #3: Thoughts on jobs and jobs training

This is a compendium of my thoughts related to the above topic. During the months of November and December 2015, I posted six articles on the subject of jobs and jobs training. I’ve compiled the links to these postings below for your ease of use.

I’ve read the news headlines and articles that say the U.S. has experienced an increase in employment or, looking at it from the opposite viewpoint, we are experiencing a “decrease” in unemployment. Since this news is encompassing the “holiday” employment phenomenon which  probably reverses in January of the following year (meaning these temporary jobs disappear in January of the following year), to some the “good news” is questionable.

It appears that we are experiencing a massive economic quake of “disruptive technology.” I took a look at history around the year 1900 because that’s when electricity, the telephone, the combustion engine, to name only three inventions, were discovered and adapted to general use for business and the consumer. What’s different this time is the speed at which discovery and integration into “general or common” use is accelerating. Adaptability is the key to any success and, of course, we humans adapt to different things at different paces. Anyway, before I get too too wordy and boring, here are the six links to my postings. Enjoy or not, at your leisure.

Part 1: Jobs, jobs, jobs and the Mono-Economy of the New Millennium

Part 2: Past Prescriptions to Employment Problems

Part 3: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and Job Training Dilemma

Part 4: Jobs and Jobs Training – The more things change, the more they stay the same

Part 5A: Jobs and the Re-tooling of an Industrial Titan: Chicago

Part 5B: Jobs Training and the search for long-term solutions


6 thoughts on “Signs of the Times #3: Thoughts on jobs and jobs training

  1. […] Anyway, here’s an interesting paper written by Robert M. Williamson For the Want of a Nail. It highlights Ben Franklin’s adage and discusses the idea of apprenticeships for job training. I guess I started out this blog entry talking about water access but ended up talking about jobs, that’s what happens when one’s mind wanders across the Internet. Relative to the jobs or “lack of” issue, I have written several articles about that in the past. If you are interested, here is a link to the compilation of these articles:  Jobs Archive. […]


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