Signs of the Times #5: Presidential candidates economic platforms

I want to focus on the economic thinking of the current Presidential candidates since my blog writings are focused on economic issues. Obviously, there are other issues such as security, foreign affairs, and gun control. The candidates are NOT listed in any preferential order on my part. In fact, I’ve put them in alphabetical order.

It’s time to start looking at each candidate’s policies, issues, and view points. Please note, however, HOW each candidate chooses to present his/her approach to their presidential platform to us the citizen voter. Each candidate is presenting their views and preferences couched in a different way, some issues are combined under different “umbrellas” than other candidates.

My web links are NOT all-inclusive, please rummage around each candidate’s site for more information. Some candidates seem to have more detailed information on “economic related” issues, at my writing of this blog entry, than other candidates. So check back with the individual websites for future updates.

Incidentally, the Rubio and Kasich web links show up with graphics and quotes, not because I wanted to show them, but that’s the way that the “link” displays on your web page.

Jeb Bush

Ben Carson

Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz

John Kasich

Creating Jobs and Strengthening the Economy

Marco Rubio

How Marco Will Help American Farmers and Ranchers Prosper

Marco Will Stand Up for Small Business Owners

What Marco Will Do for American Workers

How Marco Will Finally Get Washington Spending Under Control

How Marco Will Start Securing Our Border on Day One

This Is How We Create Jobs in the New American Century

Marco’s Plan to Restore Sanity and Restraint to Regulation: A National Regulatory Budget

It’s Time to Cut Off Sanctuary Cities

How Marco Will Boost the Sharing Economy

A Pro-Growth, Pro-Family Tax Plan for the New American Century

Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump

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