Changing my brand

Day 2 of Blogging 201

My current “branding” is “Recession…Depression…Roarin’ 2000’s…What a Ride! What a story!”

My blog is about Economics, a boring subject but one that influences our everyday lives. I was angry at what the financial wizards did to our economy in the United States and also in other countries of the World. I wanted a wider audience to be able to understand what has happened and now what is currently “unfolding” and happening to the “Everyday” economy.

After reading the information and “prompts” in the lesson, I’ve come up with a couple of other “Tag” lines for my blog:

Economics… with humor and insight

The Eco-system of Economics

I do write with humor, a little sarcasm, hopefulness, and a “little” insight into the functioning of the stock market. As I mention in my “About” page, I’m an amateur investor not a degreed economist.

I hope for the reader to enjoy my postings and perhaps visit the linked websites that I offer within my narratives.

Happy reading fellow 201 participants.

P.S. here’s what I decided to write:

The widget shows up at the bottom of my page. Don’t know how the position of this widget “helps” my branding…but it’s done.

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