Day 3 course 201

So, OK dear reader, I changed the size of fonts, WOW, I changed the fonts too! Unfortunately, my site is not a “photogenic” site. Very low on “full-color” photos or any photos for that matter.

I hope that the smaller size fonts suit “smart” phones and other communication paraphernalia. Quite frankly, the extra large font in the header was bugging me to no end! So changing the fonts did make sense.

Was your “Day 3” more productive than mine? Hope so.

One thought on “Day 3 course 201

  1. Hi, I found your blog through “bloggingbranding.” I changed my “theme” because I didn’t quite know which fonts would be most attractive. Blogging is a little more complicated than I thought. However, it has lead me to read some interesting writers–you among them. I never took an economics class but am enjoying what you have to say.

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