Day 4: Branding Blogging

David Letterman (  had a “Top 10” list so why shouldn’t I? My “Top 10” are the ten blog postings with the most hits in 2015 and so far in 2016 (May). I am approaching the 12th month of my blog, my first anniversary so to speak. The Course 201 Branding assignment for Day 4 actually fits right into my “first anniversary.”

What’s so interesting is that the ten most-read blogs has changed. But then again, maybe it’s not to be surprised or that the ranking of blogs is changing. After all, I post new material on my blog frequently (well, take that a little “tongue in cheek, please), but actually the topic changes with the current news. My brain sparks an idea from a news headline or a commentator remark, or perhaps even a TV program. Anyway, enough pontificating and on with the list:

For the year 2015


For the year 2016

Obviously, since I continually post, newer postings should show up in my “top ten”, but what also makes me happy is that readers are “rummaging” through my Archives.  Yes, rummaging makes me very happy because that’s what I hoped my blog would be… a reference site, a “gee did she say anything useful about “this”? I think that I’m getting better at putting a little humor in “economics.” Oh, did you know that there IS an economist who is also a professional actor? No, you didn’t. Well, his name is Ben Stein. Here’s a YouTube video of his famous “Dry Eyes” commercial:

So you see, Economics can have humor. How I wish I’d had Dr. Stein as my economics professor, perhaps I would have become an economics instructor instead of a computer trainer. On second thought, is either one a good choice? Just joking.

Have fun with your “stats.” Don’t get too hung up. Should I do a couple more idioms? Go with the flow. The squeaky wheel gets the most oil. Squeaky, in this case, means “the more blog posts you make, the more hits and “likes” that you will receive.”

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