Update to R2D2 where are you?

Here’s the latest news on U.S. Bill HR1599: Looks like it will be placed on the President’s desk for signature and enactment, see Chicago Tribune article: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-genetically-modified-food-labels-20160714-story.html

Below is a copy of my original blog: —————————————————————————–

Well, I guess I have another reason to finally succumb to the purchase of a smartphone. Why? So I am able to read ingredient labels of products that are represented by QR codes! Oh, it’s not that I’m illiterate…far from it. It’s that I’m NOT the robot R2D2 from Star Wars.

If you are part of the “older” generation which grew up around “billboards” and “Burma Shave” roadside ads, QR codes are obviously “from outer space.”  QR codes are like the bar codes used on products so the item can be “digitally scanned by a computer. There is vital information stored “on” the barcode BUT only a computer-type device with specialized software can read the codes or “images” displayed. Well, my eyes and brain are programmed to read written language not “computer” language and…there’s the “rub”, a computer must intervene.

The Chicago Tribune article that I’ll refer you to is entitled: Will food shoppers really seek out GMO information using QR codes?  I read Nutrition labels. I look for sugar content, salt content, and fat content of the product. One issue raised by the news article is that GMOs  (genetically modified organism) information present in the product will not necessarily be mentioned on a printed ingredients label (if there is a human-readable label present to read!

There is a U.S. House of Representatives bill being “considered” for passage this week in the House. It is  H.R. 1599. There are “those” who do not want product labeling to specify whether GMO-type ingredients are in a product or in the case of meats (for example) if the live stock was fed GMO-type animal feed. I, for one, want to know these things because I’m trying to “clean up” my eating habits. It’s hard but one tries as well as one can.

My feeling is that if you want us to buy your product, tell us what’s in it. The thing about capitalism is that money “votes” yes or no on the success of a product. The obvious fear about the consumer knowing that GMOs are present in a product, maybe the consumer won’t buy the product. Guess what you are right! I vote with my wallet. I don’t want any GMOs or scientifically modified products, if I can avoid them. I have enough “health” issues and if avoided potential timebombs helps me eat better than I’d try to avoid them.

Unlike R2D2, my body parts aren’t so interchangeable and if they do need changing another human may have to donate that body part to me  (if I’m lucky).

Not only are GMOs a health issue, they are an economic issue, a financial issue (for the consumer and the manufacturer/producer), a monetary issue (affordability vs. safety perhaps), an ethics issue and perhaps a moral issue.

Now that I’m “issued” to death, how do you feel about eating GMO modified foods? Given a choice the consumer can vote “yes” or “no” to his/her purchase.

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