Frontline’s Documentary: The Choice 2016

First a disclaimer: I am NOT a political worker for either candidate, I am NOT an employee of Frontline, the documentary company, I am NOT a politician of any political party. I am NOT an employee of or any other journalistic entity. I AM a private American citizen and a voter in the next Presidential election. I hope the above clears up any questions about my “status” concerning this particular posting.

Now to the post: I have just viewed the Frontline documentary called “The Choice 2016.” Here’s a link to it online: The Choice 2016.
Whether you are a “Trump” supporter or a “Clinton” supporter, its worth your time to get some background on the two Presidential candidates. The documentary covers several decades of the lives of the two candidates.

If you are “on the fence”, perhaps watching the documentary will change your vote, if you are a “Trump” or “Clinton” voter the documentary may help you solidify your voting decision. Whatever the reason, U.S. citizens need to vote.

P.S. You might not even need the popcorn!


3 thoughts on “Frontline’s Documentary: The Choice 2016

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