Veeps in the Spotlight

Last night Monday, October 4, 2016, voters and citizens of the U.S. got to hear and see the Vice-Presidential candidates who will be running for office along side the Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

So what did we learn new? Were there any different viewpoints displayed between the vice-presidential candidates and their presidential running mates? Should we expect any “revelations during such a debate? Should the vice-presidential candidates have/show different opinions or viewpoints than the presidential candidate that he is “running with?”

Well, here’s the “take” by the:
New York Times:

Washington Post:


Fact check from NPR:

Finally, this website has some “background info on the vice-presidential candidiates:,_2016

We are entering the “home stretch” of the U.S. Presidential election, with (2) two more Presidential debates scheduled: October 9 and October 19.

And, whoever said that elections were boring??? The historians will have a field day writing about this one and just think, the “tweets” and emails alone will fill several volumes data!

Whatever the outcome of the election, how about we “come together” as a nation? E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one:

It’s the motto of the United States, I think we forget it once in a while.

Author’s Update, 106/2016: Found this posting at the Brookings Insitute and thought it might be of interest: How Kaine and Pence both fit the mold of a modern Vice President. (

2 thoughts on “Veeps in the Spotlight

  1. Howdy Barbara!

    I hope we come out about 70-30 united meaning 70% of us agreeing that we can work together to solve our problems and stop demonizing each other for disagreeing and 30% who won’t be able to get over it.

    As for the debate itself, I could’ve done with less interruption and talking over each other — Tim Kaine, tone it down, some, okay — but I liked the information that was presented, especially the last exchange over religious beliefs, policy, and abortion. That’s what I had hoped the entire debate would’ve been like.


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  2. Thanks for your comment, Jack. Since we’ll never get a 100% one way or the other, 70/30 sounds OK. to me too, any per cent that moves us toward some sort of amiability (is that the right word?). B


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