In response to the WordPress Daily Post’s word, “flattery”, I pose the question, “why would a woman subject herself to the media scrutiny and public embarrassment as did the four women whom Donald Trump paraded before the media and the world’s audience last night at the President debate/townhall meeting?????

All four women, individually, were linked with the Clintons in the past, linked forever, through an unfortunate “happening” or personal experience.

There they were sitting at a table, being photographed, perhaps being questioned by the media. In fact, I just now thought, WOW, this is a beauty pageant sponsored by Donald Trump! But it’s not a beauty pageant; it’s just a very blatant media event. These women were “used” and I don’t mean in a good or kind sense. What were they thinking? Would I have done this? Would I have participated in this mini-sham?

It’s personal. It’s very personal. To “dust” off the past and wave it “out” there in front of literally the whole world to scrutinize, one must be a believer of the “requester of the favor.” I guess these women felt their presence at Trump’s request was a “good thing.”

I just don’t see the actions of these women as “flattering” either to themselves or their political beliefs whatever they may be. Are we witnessing character assassination or political assassination during these election proceedings?

I guess I don’t think the “media display” was flattering at all, especially to women. Perhaps, it was effective, but it was not flattering. But then it was not meant to be flattering, was it!



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