I have decided to change the title of my Blog from “The Mono-Economy of 2015 to “The Mono-Economy of the New Millennium.” It is now October of the year 2015 (as I write this) and of course my Blog title would soon be “out-dated”. Since my blog postings will always “hopefully” be relevant to our current economic situation, “the name has been changed  to protect the blog writer, me!!!”

Just a word about the title of my Blog: The Mono-Economy of 2015. In the past there was the macro-economy and the micro-economy. Well, I now believe that we in an “economy of one (mono-economy). Meaning each individual person is experiencing his/her personal economy. What’s an “economy” anyway? One definition is: “the management of the resources of community, country, etc., especially with a view to its productivity.”

Well, the Great Recession has touched everyone in the U.S. Even in the same household there may be drastically different financial conditions for each member of the household. Therefore, I call it the mono-economy. Here we are seven (7) years later and people may still be struggling. I know that I am taking advantage of sales to purchase necessities that have been put off. I’m not splurging that’s for sure. The “non-inflation” is very inflationary in our household.

Anyway, that’s the short of it. I hope you enjoy the journey with me navigating the Great Recession. By the way, I believe we’ve been in a depression not a recession. Recession sounds better, don’t you think!


P.S. a very  brief bio of me:  my background education has included a concentration in education and (adult) training curriculum as well as teaching  “computer use” at the college level and in corporate training environments.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes, Recession does sound much better. I’ll accept that one and I agree that we are in some crucial times.

    I just wanted to drop by your blog and say Hi.
    We are in Blogging 101 together and since this is our last weekend I wanted to touch basis. I can’t wait for the next course to begin Aug 3rd.

    Have a great weekend**&**Happy Blogging++


    1. Hi Celeste, thanks for your note. My frustration with the “times” we are living in is what motivated me to blog about the whole mess. The 3 weeks did go fast. I used some of the tutorial suggestions and ignored others. I will try to visit some of the other blog sites. I guess I’m doing this blogging thing more to help others understand our current US economy than visit other bloggers.
      Take care, Barbara

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