Going “Long” the “Big Short”

I just viewed the outstanding motion picture “The Big Short.” The acting was great. Steve Carell or others may get a “nomination.” But that’s not why I’m writing about the movie. The movie depicts “in a 2-hour nutshell” how the Great Recession began.

I’m not trying to be simplistic, the Great Recession is still unfolding in courtrooms, mortgage delinquencies, housing foreclosures, you name it! However, the producers of this movie have put a pretty good focus on the money-gambling economic crisis we have all experienced. There’s nothing like a few big name stars with a good script to bring mundane subject matter to the masses in a “fairly” digestible manner.

I have written several blogs about the unfolding of the Great Recession. For the professional version vs. the entertainment version of this I’m also listing the Frontline® documentary links available through other blogs I have written.

Humpty Dumpty had a great Fall even though there wasn’t a Wall

Eye Crosser #2: Collateralized Debt Obligations or CDOs

Regulate Derivatives, No Way!!!

Here is the Frontline® website where all of the  documentaries are listed. They highlight and focus upon specific actions or reactions during the initial “blowup” of the American financial system. Among the documentary titles are:

  • Breaking the Bank
  • The Madoff Affair
  • Ten Trillion and Counting
  • Inside the Meltdown
  • The Warning

For my readers who are teenagers or early 20’s, these events are not ancient history. They took place within the last 10 to 15 years. You may have been children but you were “living”  in this history. Feature films such as “The Big Short” help everyone to become aware of current events with some entertainment added in.

Enjoy the movie with popcorn and a cool drink. Enjoy the “rebound” from the Great Recession while it lasts!


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