FYI: What is the Electoral College? How does it work?

It’s time to write an FYI on how the Electoral College works (or doesn’t depending upon one’s opinion of it!). Here’s a link straight from the horse’s mouth or perhaps eagle’s beak is more appropriate. It’s to the U.S. National Archives and the Electoral College process is part of the U.S. Constitution: electoral college.

For the “gamers” who read my blog, here’s a “fun” website that allows you to play around with the Electoral College map and try to predict the Presidential winner: in the Trump v. Clinton game, whose your winner?

The following link is to a white paper written by William C. Kimberling, Deputy Director, FEC, Office of Election Administration. It is a 20-page paper which explains the historical beginning as well as controversy of the Electoral College since its inception: Federal Election Commission.

Here is one newspaper’s “take” on the impact, leverage, power, and effect of the Electoral College voting: Washington Post: If no one else stops Trump, the Electoral College still can, it in the Constitution.

Why does this matter so much… well other than this is the most powerful “job” in the world at this time, I guess it does matter to the World as well as the United States citizenry! In the George W. Bush vs. Al Gore Presidential election, the Presidential election was decided by the Supreme Court. How did this happen? Here’s a link to some history on the Bush/Gore election: Bush v. Gore.

We, the citizens, have had our “fill” of hanging chads, non-functioning voting machines, “ghost voters”, polling places not open on-time, stuffed ballot boxes, absentee ballots not counted, I think everyone can contribute to the litany of voter fraud, possible or blant, that I’ve started to enumerate about here. Since we will be hearing more and more about the “Electoral College”, we should learn a little more about it.

This is one “learning curve” we all should travel if only to understand how the results will get us a new President.

P.S. Here’s another website: United States House of Representatives, Electoral College Facts U.S. House of Representatives

2 thoughts on “FYI: What is the Electoral College? How does it work?

  1. I’m in the minority here (I think) but I think the Electoral College is still needed. It still gives smaller states a voice in presidential elections. As for the blatant voter fraud that goes on, until people are prosecuted I’m afraid this is only going to get worse as we move voting into the digital age.


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