Post-debate 9/27/16

Since I’m responding to the Daily Post word “unfinished”, today, I thought it might be appropriate to comment upon the “consumer confidence” number just recently released. As I have previously posted in my blog, here is a small tutorial on the difference between “consumer confidence” vs. “consumer sentiment.”
An article on the website MarketWatch, cites consumer confident is higher. Yet, there are retail stores closing, unfortunately people (who are also consumers) are being laid off or losing their jobs.

Mr. Trump referred to “carried interest” during the debate, here’s a link to my definitions article which contains a definition for “carried interest.” There were also comments by both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton about “trade deficits“, also, here’s my blog article regarding trade deficits plus little more.
Looking more at the word “unfinished,” it could apply to, of course, our election of a new President is, yet, unfinished; or, the U.S. economy “recovery” is yet unfinished, or is it better to look at the November election results as Thank you the campaigning is finally finished!
I hope that you viewed the debate last night. I hope that you plan to watch AND listen to the following debates which are scheduled as:

Vice Presidential candidates on October 4–remember that these two candidates are the potential #2 leaders of the United States

Presidential candidates on October 9

Presidential candidates on October 19

“Finished” in its meaning has the connotation of “ended” or “done.” It has a finality to it. Think of our election results instead as the continuity of our nation or as we say in our pledge of allegiance:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”

As a final comment, I do believe that the Pledge of Allegiance should be brought back to the schools. We said the Pledge everyday at the beginning of the school day, I attended a public school and a parochial school, we recited the Pledge at both schools. It was patriotic.

If there is anything that is “unfinished” it is our national identity. Perhaps our individual identities are changing but our National ideals and beliefs should not. We can “work it out,” we really can.


One thought on “Post-debate 9/27/16

  1. If we don’t come together as a nation with respect for every individual and without thinking that your nation of origin trumps being an American, we are a doomed nation. If you disrespect the American flag and raise your standard above it, then go back to your “wonderful’ country. We need to think about going back to doing some of the things in schools that developed patriotism in children of ALL nationalities: investing in the country with saving stamps; saying the pledge every day as a commitment to our nation; a moment of silence for children to pray or think and collect their thoughts and goals for the day. AND being politically correct.means you don’t have the gumption to stand up for our nation and the ideals that have made us a strong nation and have dropped to your knees in submission to a few.


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